Real-Time Market Pricing

Real-Time Market Pricing

Foothills Ford Offers Real-Time Market Pricing

Tired of dealing with dealers who won't give you a price unless you commit to something?

We do things differently at Foothills Ford! We know that historically, the process of purchasing a vehicle has been a very time consuming, stressful and for the most part not an enjoyable experience. The customer wants to be sure they aren’t taken advantage of and wants a transparent buying experience without feeling pressured to make decisions that they may regret in the future. We can’t blame them as that is how we would want to be treated if we were purchasing something.

How does Real-Time Market Pricing Work?

We constantly monitor the market in “Real-Time” to be sure that our vehicles are priced at a transactional price instead of a large markup that we hope someone will just say yes to. We know that the majority of consumers are online shopping and in order for us to be considered as a place to do business with we need to have competitive prices out there ALWAYS!

For instance, we have computer programs for our used vehicle pricing model that will show us the prices of other similar units in the marketplace in a 100km, 300km, 500 km distance so we can be sure we offer a competitive price and great value for a prospective customer.

Our Real-Time Market Pricing process means that you WON’T overpay, as most of the price negotiation has been done for you!

Why Choose Foothills Ford?


Foothills Ford

When purchasing a vehicle from us you get more than just the vehicle. You get our staff’s knowledge/customer assistance to help you during the process and long after the sale. Our high loyalty rates and repeat business portfolio assures us that we are definitely doing it right.

You will have access to purchase vehicles from both our locations and we have the ability to search/transfer in from all the Ford Dealerships in Canada to be sure we find the right vehicle for you. Our low-pressure process means that you will be in control and be able to make your decision and feel comfortable about it as that is the way it should be. We treat people the way we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes….simple as that!

Our transparent process really is different than anything you’ve experienced before. We simply treat people the way we would want to be treated. We market value price our vehicles on an ongoing basis to be sure we are competitive and show you the actual reductions on EVERY new vehicle. Expect a relaxed atmosphere where your opinions matter. Take a short drive out of the city congestion where you can truly experience the features and benefits of your potential vehicle purchase.

Stop in to Foothills Ford near Lethbridge, AB and test drive a new Ford model!